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Help raise awareness Contest! - 30$+ prices!

Journal Entry: Tue Apr 11, 2017, 10:51 AM

"We rise by lifting others,,

Art Contest

Lets help raise awareness and help others with their problems in a fun way!

Hi guys! It's time for a contest in celebration for me achieving 777 watchers! I promised several people I'd do a contest once I reach my favorite number of watcher (My favorite number is 7, but 777 looks awesomer), so here it is. I didn't want the contest to only make me/the winners/participants happy, so I thought "why can't we help others with it too?"; and so the contest was born.
Feel free to enter!


The goal is to make an inspirational drawing/story/craft involving a subjects and a characters. Each of the characters represent a common problem which most of us deal with. The creator is supposed to use that character in the artpiece and send out a message to people with that problem. For example:
Be Yourself by WasurenaiYo

I used Mei here, she represents the common problem known as dysphoria in the transgender community. I wanted to send out a message here which is saying that it doesnt matter if you're a different gender on the outside then you are on the inside, it's the inside that counts.

TLDR; Make an artpiece that gives out a positive/helpfull message to people involving one of the subjects and character
Here are the subjects/characters:

♠. James - Addiction, being poor

James was raised in a poor family, he had to work from a young age to help his parents, he later lost both his parents when he was still young: his mother suddenly dissapeared, his father was accused of murder and killed. He also found out that the girl he loved preffered his rival over him. He later felt into many addictions (Alchohol, nicotine). He also developed trust issues and a desire to hurt others.
  1701 by WasurenaiYo

 ♣. Esther - Physical/mental abuse, eating disorder

Esther was in a orphanage abandoned by her parents who saw her as a mere 'mistake'. The orphanage she was in was lead by mean nuns who abused the children in there. She was often beaten and mentally abused by the nuns in there. She was repeatedly told she was 'just a mistake that shouldn't be there' and reminded of how 'worthless and ugly' she was. Esther developed an eating disorder thinking that would maybe make her 'pretty and more worthy'. She has a deep anger inside her, she hates everyone because she thinks the whole world is against her. She is selfish, two faced and wants to destroy the whole world as 'revenge'. Esther likes to manipulate others.
I want to forget by WasurenaiYo

♥. Roma - Low self esteem, rape/sexual abuse, selfharm

Roma was with her mother till the age of 6, her mother was then forced to leave her in an orphanage because she could not give her the care she needs. Her mother was very poor and earned money through prostitution. Unfortunatelly, the orphanage came out to be a very bad place. The orphanage encouraged prostitution in order to achieve money for financing the school. Roma was forced into prostitution from an early age, often with much older men. She believed that she wasn't worth more than that, that that is what she deserved. She hated her body to the point where selfharm seemed like the only option. Later when she got out of the orphanage she was addicted to sex, because she thought that was the only way she could be loved. But when she met Sylwester, who was the only boy that didnt fell for her, she started to be ashamed of who she was in the past.
Roma by WasurenaiYo

♦. Sylwester - Bullying, Stress

Sylwester was born in a wealthy family. His so alleged 'father' was a succesfull scientist, while his 'mother' was a known doctor. He lived a very stressfull life - he had to do his best in school, have the best grades, be better than everyone else and only focus on learning to please his 'parents'. Thanks to this he was very lonely and often bullied for being a 'nerd'. He would often be beat up in school. His 'father' was very found of him, but his 'mother' hated him and always told him he could do better and be better. One day his 'parents' were killed by someone unkown, Sylwester then discovered that they weren't his real parents. Sylwester wants to have a real family, but is afraid of knowing the truth about who his parents really where. He is very weak and tries to hide this by ignoring others and acting like he is much better than them, but deep inside he is very insecure and is constantly criticizing himself.
Was it something I did? by WasurenaiYo

♦. Gabriel - Loss of dear person, personality-disorder

Gabriel had a rough childhood; his father was an achoholic and often beat his mother and him. He would often see how his mother would cry or pass out. He ran away from home when his father came drunk home once again and Gabriel stod up for his mother, killing his father. He had to run away so he wouldn't be caught. His mother hated him for killing the man she loves. Gabriel became a homeless punk travelling through countries, he would often meet many nice people but everytime they did something he didn't approve of, he would suddenly became very agressive just like his father. Gabriel doesn't like this, he doesn't want to be anything like his father. One day Gabriel met a girl, he fell in love with her and was in a happy relaitonship with her. But one day, he was drunk and cheated on her. His girlfriend found out and started crying and yelling. Gabriel, who was very drunk then, hit her leading her to run away. A day later he found out she comitted suicide. Since then he often sees her. He hates himself for being like his father, but he can't help it. He is the type of person that is very nice, but randomly becomes very agressive. He also developed a commitment-issue and is a playboy.
Fallen Angel by WasurenaiYo

♣. Igor - Unable to accept oneself, one sided love

Igor was in the same orphanage as Eshter, but he was 2 years younger than Esther and was more 'sensitive'. The nuns saw that and would often hurt him. He often cried, he couldn't handle the sight of his friends and Esther being hurt. The nuns hated his cry so they decided to make a 'permanent smile' on his face by giving him a 'glasgow smile'. Igor then noticed that Esther tried to stop the nuns, leading to him developing a feeling for her. But the his love wasn't returned, Esther had no feelings for him. After they escaped the orphanage Igor started to have issues accepting himself. He always wanted to change something about him. He was either too thin, too pale or too 'girly'. He was never happy with how he looked and how sensitive he was on the inside.
Childhood Jokers by WasurenaiYo

Crown 2 . Mei - Dysphoria (transgender issues), Homo/trans -phobia (from others)

Mei isn't actually a character, she is a real life person, she is my girlfriend. As some of you already know, Mei is transgender and often has problems accepting herself. We live in a country, heck, in a world filled with homophobia, transphobia and discrimination for the lgbt community. Many people similar to Mei don't get the support they deserve, even though it's getting better for the Lgbt+ community, it still isn't as good as it should be. Mei wants to help others like her feel good with themselves even if they can't always be themselfes. But the thing is, she still needs help herself. She doesn't always accept herself, she doesn't have many people that support her and she is stil searching for a place in this world. 
You're my everything, you're my queen by WasurenaiYo

If you'd have a good idea for a subject linked to a character, feel free to ask! You can make up your own subject, but the overall message has to somehow help people or raise awareness. The stories are there to help you think of a subject if you don't like the one suggested. It can be mental diseases, teenage problems, LGBT+ related, politics, etc. 
Their designs can be found if you either click on their name or search through my gallery!
Guys a subject is not a character - You need to pick one of these characters, but you can make you own topic..


• Please be serious about this, this is a contest that is supposed to help others

• Don't do any hentai or ecchi if it doesn't fit the subject. Even though Roma has a very sexual history, there is no need to include hentai or draw rape
• You can think of a subject yourself, I even encourage you to make your own, but don't change their stories - if they don't fit the theme, don't force them into it
• You are allowed to add your own character/an other! But my characters have to be in it too
• Any form of art is accepted!
• The deadline is 11th of July

• The contest will not go further if there is less then 10 entries, I will write an update when there will be 10 entries!

• It's the message that counts, not how good you are at drawing, or how good you write things

• You can send in multiple pieces!

• You need to inform me that you want to enter the contest

• Tell me a song name so I known you've read the whole journal

• Please share the journal if you can, it is not  necessarily, but I would be very happy if you do so

• If you have questions, please ask me! 

• You can sponsor the contest by donating a price - it doesn't matter what it is, it can be points or a drawing, I'd be very happy if you do so ~

• This contest is supposed to help people in need, keep that in mind


- 1st place -

• 300 :points:
• 1 fullbody with background from me
• 1 fullbody from blurryblurr
• Featured for 1 month on a journal

- 2nd place -

• 200 :points:
• 1 Chibi from me
• Featured for 1 month on a journal

- 3rd place -

• 100 :points:
• 1 waist-up from me
• Featured for 1 month on a journal

- Honorable mentions -

• Llama badge + favs
• Featured for 1 month on a journal

Please help me with this contest by donating prices! The price donators will be also feature for 1 month on a journal.
The art prices can not be hentai/echhi, it can be any character you want in my style - furries are ok, but no realistic animals

How will you be judged

Every entry will be judged by me and Mei, there is a point system. The person with the most overall points will win. Here is how it works:
• for the message you'll get 0-10 points
• for the overal work (drawing, writing style, story, technique - just the visiuals) you get 0-20 points
• you get 2 additional points for sharing this journal 
• You can get 0-5 additional points if you help someone else (feature unseen artist in a journal, help someone achieve a goal, help someone in general)
• Price donators will get 2 points 
• If you send in multiple pieces, each of them will get judged individually

So this is all, please read the whole journal and have fun! Prices will be updated as soon as there will be donators.
Good luck!

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